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Visit Acropolis Museum | Timings, Location, Tips, Nearby & More

Discover the Acropolis Museum, a treasure trove of ancient Greek artefacts nestled at the foot of the iconic Acropolis in Athens. Explore unparalleled collections of sculptures and archaeological finds dating back to the glory days of ancient Athens. Immerse yourself in the rich history and cultural heritage of one of the world’s most iconic civilizations.

Read on to discover everything about how to visit Acropolis Museum.

Acropolis Museum | Visitor information at a glance

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What are the Acropolis Museum opening hours?

Winter Season (1st November to 31st March):

  • Monday to Thursday: 9am to 5pm
  • Friday: 9am to 10pm 
  • Saturday & Sunday: 9am to 8pm 

Summer Season (1st April to 31st October):

  • Monday: 9am to 5pm
  • Tuesday to Sunday: 9am to 8pm
  • Friday: 9am to 10pm

Closed on: The Acropolis Museum is closed on 1 January, Orthodox Easter Sunday, 1 May, and 25 and 26 December.

Last admission: 30 minutes before closing.

When is the best time to visit Acropolis Museum?

Weekday vs weekend

The best time to visit Acropolis Museum is typically on weekdays, especially in the morning when crowds are thinner, allowing for a more leisurely exploration of the exhibits. Weekends tend to be busier, particularly in the afternoon. So if you are visiting on Saturday or Sunday, aim to reach early so that you can have a quieter experience. 

Best time of the year

The peak tourist season in Athens is during the summer, from mid-June to mid-September, when the city is packed with thousands of visitors. The off-peak season months of April to mid-June and mid-September to the end of October are the optimal time to visit Acropolis Museum, with fewer tourists.

The low season winter period from November to March, particularly the months of January and February, also offers opportunities for relaxed exploration of the museum.

Where is the Acropolis Museum located?

Getting to the Acropolis Museum

Acropolis Museum Plan Your Visit

By public transport

  • By metro: The Acropolis Museum is easily accessible via the Athens Metro. Take Line 2 and alight at the Akropoli station. From there, it's just a short walk to the museum entrance.
  • By bus: Bus numbers 24, 40, 57, 103, 106, 108, 111, 126, 134, 135, 136, 137, 155, 206, 208, 227, 230, 237, 790, 856, Α2, Α3, Α4, Β2, Β3, Β4, Ε2 and Ε22 will get you to the Acropolis Museum. The closest bus stop is Makrigianni.
  • By tram: You can reach the Acropolis Museum via Tram Line T6. Alight at the Leoforos Vouliagmenis tram stop, which is within walking distance of the museum.
Acropolis Museum Plan Your Visit

By car or taxi

The Acropolis Museum is approximately 35 km from Athens International Airport (ATH) and the journey takes about 40 minutes by car or taxi, depending on traffic conditions.

Parking facilities:

  • Parking Acropolis: Located 350 m away from the Acropolis Museum, it offers convenient access. 
  • Parking Voiture: Another option about 650 m away is Parking Voiture, situated a short walk away from the museum. 
  • Parking Syntagmatos: This parking garage is 750 m away, within reasonable walking distance from the museum.

Know before you visit the Acropolis Museum

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Visitor tips
Acropolis Museum Plan Your Visit
Acropolis Museum Plan Your Visit
  • The Acropolis Museum has one main entrance located on Dionysiou Areopagitou Street. Visitors can reach the entrance by public transportation, taxi, or on foot. 
  • The main entrance is suitable for all ticket holders, including those with standard admission tickets, guided tour participants, and skip-the-line ticket-holders.
Acropolis Museum Plan Your Visit
  • The Acropolis Museum is fully wheelchair accessible, with ramps and elevators providing access to all areas, including galleries, exhibition spaces, and amenities.
  • Visitors with mobility issues can also navigate the museum comfortably, thanks to its well-designed layout and accessible facilities.
  • Accessible restrooms equipped for wheelchair users and those with mobility issues are available within the museum premises.
  • Wheelchairs can be rented at the museum entrance for visitors who require assistance or mobility support during their visit.
  • Service dogs are allowed with visitors who need their assistance.
Acropolis Museum Plan Your Visit
  • Audio guides are available at the Acropolis Museum, offering visitors a deeper understanding of the exhibits and their history.
  • The audio guides provide valuable commentary in multiple languages, including English, Greek, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese, and Japanese.
  • Using an audio guide enhances the museum experience. The insightful commentary provides historical context and interesting facts about the artefacts on display.
Acropolis Museum Plan Your Visit
  • Restrooms: Well-maintained restrooms are available on each floor of the museum.
  • Baby changing rooms: Dedicated facilities for changing babies are provided for the convenience of parents.
  • Information desk: Knowledgeable staff members are stationed at information desks to assist visitors with inquiries and provide guidance.
  • Reading lounge: Located on the second floor, visitors can enjoy a quiet time here along with complimentary WiFi.
  • Cloakroom: Secure cloakroom facilities are provided for storing coats, bags, and other personal items during the visit.
  • Strollers: Strollers can be rented at the museum for the duration of the visit.
Acropolis Museum Plan Your Visit
  • Photography for personal use is permitted except in the Archaic Acropolis Gallery. Flash photography and tripods are not allowed anywhere inside the Acropolis Museum galleries. 
  • Outside food and drinks are not permitted inside the museum.
  • Please refrain from touching or leaning on the artefacts and exhibits to preserve their integrity for future generations.
  • Maintain a respectful noise level while exploring the museum, especially in designated quiet zones or exhibition areas.
  • Ensure your mobile phones are set on silent mode in the museum galleries.
Acropolis Museum Plan Your Visit
  • Consider joining a guided tour for deeper insights into the exhibits and historical context.
  • Wear comfortable walking shoes for exploring the museum's spacious galleries.
  • Large bags and backpacks must be stored in the cloakroom; consider bringing a small bag for essentials.
  • Outside food and drinks are not allowed inside the museum’s galleries, but a café and restaurant are available on-site for refreshments.
Acropolis Museum Plan Your Visit

The Acropolis Museum features a well-curated gift shop on the ground floor, offering a diverse range of souvenirs and cultural items. 

Address: Ground Floor, The Acropolis Museum, Dionysiou Areopagitou 15, Athina 117 42, Greece

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Acropolis Museum Plan Your Visit
  • Acropolis Museum café: If you want a short break while touring the galleries, grab a quick snack and a hot coffee or a cold drink at the Acropolis Museum café.
  • Acropolis Museum restaurant: Sample a wonderful selection of traditional Greek dishes at the museum’s restaurant while enjoying magnificent views of the Acropolis and other historical landmarks.
  • Dionysos Zonar’s: Renowned for its grilled meats and seafood dishes,  Dionysos Zonar’s restaurant provides a picturesque dining experience in the heart of Athens.
  • Restaurant Scholarhio: Dine on classic favourites like moussaka and souvlaki at Restaurant Scholarhio while soaking in the lively atmosphere of one of Athens’ oldest neighbourhoods.
  • Yiasemi: Tucked away in the alleys of Plaka, Yiasemi is a cozy café known for its aromatic Greek coffee and delectable pastries.
  • Fresko Yogurt Bar: For a refreshing treat, visit Fresko Yogurt Bar near the Acropolis Museum. Indulge in creamy Greek yoghurt with a variety of toppings.
Acropolis Museum Plan Your Visit
  • Acropolis of Athens: The ancient citadel featuring the Temple of Athena Nike, the Parthenon, Erechtheion, and other ancient ruins, the Acropolis is Athens’ most iconic landmark.
  • Parthenon: A majestic temple dedicated to the goddess Athena, the Parthenon symbolizes the golden age of Athens and architectural perfection.
  • Plaka District: A picturesque neighbourhood with narrow streets, charming cafes, souvenir shops, and neoclassical architecture, the Plaka district offers a glimpse into Athens’ rich history.
  • Ancient Agora of Athens: A historic gathering place and marketplace in ancient Athens, the Ancient Agora of Athens features the Temple of Hephaestus and other well-preserved ruins.

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Frequently asked questions about how to visit Acropolis Museum

What is the best time to visit Acropolis Museum?

The best time to visit Acropolis Museum is during the mornings or late afternoons on weekdays since it is usually less crowded. The off-season months of April to mid-June and mid-September to end-October offer a quiet experience as compared to the peak summer season.

Where is the Acropolis Museum located?

The Acropolis Museum is situated on Dionysiou Areopagitou Street, at the base of the Acropolis Hill in Athens, Greece. The official address is: Dionysiou Areopagitou 15, Athina 117 42, Greece.

What is the best way to get to the Acropolis Museum?

The most convenient way to get to the Acropolis Museum is by metro. The Akropoli metro station is located just a 2 minute-walk away from the museum entrance.

How long does it take to see the Acropolis Museum?

A typical visit to the Acropolis Museum can last 1.5 to 2 hours, but you can easily spend longer if you want to explore the exhibits more thoroughly.

Is it possible to see the entire Acropolis Museum collection in a day?

Yes, it’s possible to see the entire Acropolis Museum collection in a day. However, there are more than 4,000 artefacts on display, so do ensure you see all the key exhibits and allow time for breaks.

Are there audio guides available at the Acropolis Museum?

Yes, depending on the experience you choose, an audio guide may be included in your ticket. They are available in multiple languages and provide insightful commentary about the museum and its exhibits. You can also rent the audio guides separately at the museum.

Can I take pictures at the Acropolis Museum?

Non-flash photography is generally permitted, but tripods are not allowed in the galleries. Photography is not allowed in the Archaic Acropolis Gallery.

Is the Acropolis Museum wheelchair accessible?

Yes, the Acropolis Museum is fully accessible for wheelchair users as well as those with mobility issues. Ramps and elevators have been provided for all visitors with mobility needs.

Are strollers allowed inside the Acropolis Museum?

Yes, strollers are permitted inside the museum premises.

Are there any places to eat and drink at the Acropolis Museum?

Yes, there is a café and a restaurant within the museum offering refreshments, light snacks, and meals.

Are pets allowed at the Acropolis Museum?

No, pets are not allowed inside the museum except for service animals.

Is the Acropolis Museum worth visiting?

Absolutely! The Acropolis Museum offers a fascinating insight into ancient Greek history and culture, making it a must-visit attraction in Athens.